Thursday, 17 May 2012

Petitefeet Shoe Sale!

I love shoes and I love sales so when you combine the two together, I'm one happy girl. I went to the Petitefeet Warehouse Shoe Sale today that goes on periodically throughout the year. They have a wide selection of shoes (sandals, boots, heels, etc) from various brands at a discounted price. I went to this warehouse sale last year and bought 6 pairs of shoes for around $120 which I think is such a steal considering how much I would've spent buying these shoes at retail prices. This time, I didn't think the selection was that great and I didn't see many shoes that I liked as much as I did last time. However, I did purchase two shoes from Via Spiga which retails for $185/pair and I got them for $90/pair. It is still a bit pricey but considering that the shoe is made out of leather, is SUPER comfortable (despite the 3 inch stacked heel), and is practical for me to wear out (I'm not a heels person so the ankle straps on these shoes gives me the support and stability I need), I decided to purchase them:

Notice the turquoise-green shoe on the right? Yep. I'm still in my "green palette" phase. Anyway, the sale is still going on this long weekend so if you have time (and happen to live in Toronto/Markham), definitely check it out! I've included a $10 coupon here that I received in my email as well =) Happy shoe shopping ladies!

$10 VIP Coupon Link:


  1. Green color shoes are very nice. Thanks for sharing coupon link.

  2. these are cute! going there today :)


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