I no longer need any of my MCAT Preparation Materials. I've mentioned all of the following items in my blog posts:

Medtalk Series - Prep Courses VS Self-Study

I am selling:

The Princeton Review (TPR) Hyperlearning MCAT Books (2010-2011 Edition)

  • Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook = SOLD (1 more available!)
  • Hyperlearning Science Workbook = SOLD (1 more availabile!)
  • Hyperlearning Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review (2 availabile!)
  • Hyperlearning In Class Compendium (2 available!)
  • Hyperlearning Biological Sciences Review Textbook 
  • Hyperlearning Physical Sciences Review Textbook
  • I have a second set of the exact same TPR Hyperlearning MCAT Books with the exception that the textbooks (Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology) come in colour.
Exam Krackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning

If interested, please email 

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