Wednesday, 25 April 2012

And then there was 1...

My last final for undergrad will conclude this Saturday at 4 pm. Am I excited? Heck Yeah! Though, I do have to admit that I think it'll feel nostalgic once I walk out of the examination room. I can't believe 4 years has gone by so fast! I remember my first day of university like it was just yesterday. It was an 8:00 am Organic Chemistry class and let me tell you, going to your first class ever in university for a second year course is kind of daunting. Fast forward to 2012 and I've written too many midterms to count, stayed up too many nights to study to remember, and made so many lasting memories that I'll never forget.

I'll be keeping myself preoccupied until the BIG day for medical school decisions come out by visiting a close friend of mine in Montreal, planning for my brother's birthday party, hanging out with my friends, and shopping! I actually found a dress I really really liked from Zara that I would love to wear to my graduation. I just hope they'll have it in my size once I visit later this week! I'll probably post some pictures later on ;) 

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