Saturday, 28 April 2012

And That's A Wrap!

I finished my last final exam of undergrad today which technically means that I'll be graduating in about 1.5 months! These past 4 years have seriously gone by too fast. It's funny how as I was finishing up my management exam today that I was feeling both extremely relieved but at the same time a bit sad. You must think I'm crazy but I think with finishing undergrad comes with the realization that all your friends and colleagues will soon start going their own ways - some will continue graduate/professional schooling, others will enter the workforce, and others will start a family. I guess it's a bit nostalgic to reflect back on what I've done in the past four years and the memories that I've made.

On a side note, I've noticed a peculiar thing when I write my exams -I tend to hum songs and envision dance steps to the song lol! Usually when I do this, it means that I know my material well but at the same time, it's quite distracting when on the one hand, I'm trying to recall certain pieces of information, and on the other hand, I'm humming. Lately, the songs have been from the 60s-80s era specifically "The Twist", "Footloose", and "We Belong Together - Grease". These songs seriously just make me want to get up and dance! If you haven't heard these songs before, check out the vids below!

The Twist by Chubby Checker - Dancing With The Stars

We'll Always Be Together - Grease

Footloose by Kenny Loggins


  1. Congrats, Cass! I know that feeling and overall, it's a good one. I hope you are able to celebrate. Good work!


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