Monday, 6 August 2012

Fashion Obsessions

Fashion Obsessions

Fashion Obsessions by wannabemd featuring a ruffle sweater dress

Pantone's Fall 2012 Colour Report

Lately I've been loving silk blouses as demonstrated by the images above. I currently have two in my possession - a light turquoise blue from Smart Set and a rose pink one from Club Monaco. So far, I'm loving Zara's collection of silk blouses this season as they have some gorgeous colours. I'm trying to diversify the colour palette in my wardrobe and am planning to follow Pantone's Fall 2012 Colour Report (aren't the colours so pretty??) hence my selection of the tangerine tango silk blouse. These colours totally pop and I can definitely see myself wearing clothes in this colour palette. 

Aside from silk blouses, I've also come to appreciate the awesomeness of sweater dresses. As we're nearing the end of summer and going into fall, I find that these dresses are the perfect transition piece. Dress it down with a jean jacket and flats or dress it up with a smart blazer, stockings and leather heeled boots - either way, you're bound to look fantastic (and stay warm!). 

And, I don't know why I didn't get one of these earlier but I've been trying to find some affordable and pretty looking iphone wallet wristlets - the kind where you can place your phone securely on one side of the wallet and on the other sides, there are several slots for credit cards and a few bills. The tangergine tango wristlet you see above is from Kate Spade and the grey one is from Michael Kors. Currently, both are out of my price range but a girl can dream right? 

Lastly, I realized I do not own a pair of nude pumps. Most of my heels are black and while black does often go with many outfits, I sometimes find that if I had a pair of nude pumps, my outfit would look a lot better. Thus, I'll probably be paying a visit to Nine West or Aldo to see if I'm able to snag one of these pretties =)

I would love to hear what your current "Fashion Obesssion" is for the fall season in the comments below!


  1. Hey Cass,

    I love your style! Can I make a request? Are you able to be a guest blogger for my blog? On city fashion for the fall? It's a great way to gain extra traffic to your blog!

    Oh, and I will button swap you!

  2. Hey Cerena!
    Why don't you email me the details about being a guest blogger (ex: logistics, how many posts are you looking at etc.)? I won't be able to get to writing a new post until mid next week as I'm also moving into my new place this week and won't have internet set up until the weekend. Let me know!

    And thanks for the button swap!


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