Saturday, 14 July 2012

I'm Back!

Hi Everyone!
Apologies for the lack of posts in the past month as I was away on vacation and didn't have the most reliable access to the internet. I've been using the past week to recuperate from jet lag and a minor cold and thus, didn't have the opportunity to update the blog - but here I am now!

While I was away on vacation, the lovely Cerena from secretlifeofamedstudent nominated me for two blogger awards. Thank you Cerena!

 In order to accept the awards, I have to answer some questions about myself, so here goes!

1. What is your favourite dessert?
Ice cream cake and mango pudding

2. When you're upset, what do you do?
Vent to my friends and parents

3. What was your favourite pet?
I never had a pet actually though I had a bunch of stuffed animals to keep me company when I was a wee one.

4. What do you prefer to wear, black or white?
Both! It depends on the occasion and season

5. What is your biggest fear?
Losing the people I love

6. What is your attitude?
I tend to be realistic and optimistic

7. What is perfection to you?
When I am content with my life

8. What is your guilty pleasure?
Eating a tub of strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins (not all at once though!)

9. Tell about a time you dressed up.
Too many occasions to write about! My most memorable outift was probably wearing a oriental inspired long-sleeve dress that I got from the Versace for H&M collection for a semi-formal. This has become one of my favourite dresses because it's just so "out-there" and is a very "East Meets West" kind of an outfit which I love. I paired this with dark black stockings and black pointed heels.

Now I know I have to nominate several other bloggers for these awards but as my blog list is quite small at the moment (and the individuals I want to nominate have already been nominated lol), it'll be awhile before I choose my nominations =)


  1. Yay you're back! Hope you had fun on vacation.

    I always wanted a Versace dress from their H&M collection but I never got around to getting one. I'm jealous that you snagged one!

    1. I waited 6 hours in line and the skirts/dresses I was coveting were all sold out! Luckily I was able to get some other pieces making the 5 hour wait worthwhile =)

  2. I need to try the ice cream you mentioned!!
    Thanks for writing this blog post, and congrats again :)!
    I'm so happy to see how your blog is coming along. Looks fantastic!


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