Friday, 20 January 2012

No News Is Good News...for now.

For the readers that frequent my blog, my title is in reference to the "anticipated" and "assumed" release of interview invites and rejections from the Ontario medical schools within the next couple of weeks. I know that a couple of my friends and I have caused ourselves unnecessary stress by checking either the twitter pages of admissions websites (*cough cough U of T*) or checking our emails at least 5 times every day ( I haven't hit the "refreshing-every-10 secionds" phase just yet) thinking that we might hear something. But like I said, no news is good news for now. It's a bit daunting to think that the past 10-11 years of hard work have come down to this. It's funny too that I'm graduating this year and have only applied for medicine and not anything else which is not characteristic of me because I usually have a backup plan in case Plan A backfires (which I hope will not this time).

I think medicine has always been at the forefront of my mind and as such, am willing to sacrifice what I need to be a competitive applicant. I haven't received any good news from the medical schools I applied to just yet and I admit, it sucks to get rejected. I often get asked by my peers whether or not I regret rejecting my pharmacy school acceptance back in second year. At the time, I knew I wanted to do medicine but was discouraged after my first year marks and seeing the intense competition between premeds. So, at the time, I decided to do apply for pharmacy as it was still health related, I would still have the chance to interact with patients, and it was a field that I was also interested in. Now looking back, I'm glad I declined that acceptance because honestly, I'm too young to not take risks and at least "try" for something that I want. Even though the road to medical school is difficult and can really test your determination and confidence, I'm glad I decided to go down this road. I hope I'll have some exciting news to share with all of you in the next couple of weeks! Considering how this week is Chinese New Years and my fortune is supposed to be good for this year, here's hoping to an interview invite(s) in the coming weeks! Best of luck to all those applying!


  1. I'm incredibly proud of your determination and I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

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  3. Hoping the best for you Cass!


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